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Album release concert for Love in the Apocalypse

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

JJ's converted Gospel church, 58b Arlington Avenue, Toronto

On September 22nd 2023 at JJ's converted Gospel church, David Krystal with his fabulous band and special guests, will be playing songs from his new album Love In The Apocalypse and upcoming album Reaching For Utopia( release early 2024). Bring your own drinks and enjoy the concert in this remarkable setting. A cd of Love in the Apocalypse will be given out as a celebration of David's return to the stage.

This collection of songs, written over a span of five years, serves as a reflection of the times and personal journeys that inspired them. It encompasses a diverse range of themes, from the thought-provoking and politically charged 'While We Burn' to the urgent call for environmental action in 'Tell It To The Man'. The songs also explore the various shades of love, including the bittersweet yearnings of 'My Little Angel' and the protective power of love in the face of adversity portrayed in 'It Doesn't Matter'. Additionally, 'Fool For Your Love' delves into the naivety of innocent love, while 'Hazy Days of Hope' transports listeners to the carefree and immortal feelings of 80's Ska dance halls. Lastly, the song 'Clown' reflects on wasted lives and missed opportunities. All of these songs come together with a fusion of soul, folk, ska, and pop, creating a unique and captivating sonic palette.